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FP GEST for Workshop 4.0

FP GEST - Everything under control

FP GEST is one of the main components of the FP SUITE software package. On the market for 10 years, this programme is used by more than 100 companies, including the main Italian and foreign manufacturers, and is aimed at all window and door manufacturers (small and large) to meet their work organisation needs and to keep everything under control.

The functionalities of FP GEST can be integrated via FP WORKSHOP, the web application for production support. FP WORKSHOP makes it possible to record production times (direct and indirect times, machine and operator times), and also allows the use of paper (technical data sheets and forms for CE certification) to be reduced to zero, as well as to interact in real time with the offices to report any anomalies and the progress of the job order.


FP GEST in brief:
- Plans orders and verifies workloads
- Generates orders to suppliers and manages warehouses
- Monitors job progress (with FP WORKSHOP)
- Automatically creates Bills of Lading and electronic invoices
- Checks final job costs
- Adapts to companies of all sizes
- Is integrated with FP PRO
- Compatible with Industry 4.0


The Industry 4.0 project has made FP GEST even more attractive to Italian companies because, thanks to its native integration with FP WORKSHOP, information from the workshop returns to the management software for job progress control and cost accounting. In addition to communicating natively with FP PRO, the window and door design and calculation software, FP GEST is also able to interface with the main technical and accounting programmes, automatic warehouse software and supplier CRMs on the market. An interface with Excel is also available, which makes data import/export tasks easier. FP GEST is the ideal software for any window and door manufacturer who wants to have their finger on the pulse of the situation at all times in order to get the job done.

In fact, the all-round action of this highly efficient software makes it possible to speed up and rationalise factory operations by controlling all, but really all, aspects of the production process.